Happy Healthy Tash


I love reading other blogs that are similar to the blogs I write on my website. I found a blog that I cannot stop reading. I recently found Happy Heathy Tash on WordPress, and I am really loving her content. Tash is a health and wellness website that blogs about her favorite recipes, travel, recommendations, and cosmetics.ย What makes Tash unique is that she is very artistic. I can tell she has a good eye for website design and photography. Tash is able to get the attention of others just by her layout on her website, then she is able to keep her audience because her blogs are very interesting to read.

Tash is also very relatable based off of my readings about her. In her “About Me” section, she talks about being an impressionable teen who has a phobia of putting on weight. I can relate to that, and I know many others can too. Just like me, we both saw the importance of eating healthy and working out so we never have to fail back into that phobia again. That’s why she has a large part of her website dedicated to healthy recipes and workout tips.

I also love what she has to say about practicing self- love. Tash starts off by saying, “Self-love isnโ€™t something you do one day a week where you put on a face mask and paint your nails. Self-love is something you have to teach yourself to do every damn minute of every dam* day and it needs to come from deep within you.” I couldn’t agree more with her list, and find myself already practicing almost everything she has on her list. I recommend checking out Tash, for anyone who wants to live a happy and healthy lifestyle.


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